How to Run a Script in IPython?

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To run a Python script in IPython, you can use the %run magic command. This command allows you to run any Python script as if you were running it from the command line.

Here’s how to use the %run command in IPython:

  1. Open an IPython console or Jupyter notebook.
  2. Navigate to the directory where the Python script is located using the cd command. For example, if the script is located in a folder called “scripts” on your desktop, you can use the command cd ~/Desktop/scripts.
  3. Once you’re in the correct directory, you can use the %run command followed by the filename to run the script. For example, if your script is called “”, you would use the command %run
  4. If your script takes any command-line arguments, you can include them after the script name. For example, %run arg1 arg2.

Once you run the %run command, IPython will execute the script and display the output on the console. You can also use any IPython commands or variables in your script, since the script runs in the same environment as the IPython console.

Note that if your script relies on any external modules or packages, you will need to make sure they are installed and available in the IPython environment. You can use the !pip install command to install any missing packages directly from the IPython console.

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