How to Set Up a Python Lint Pre-Commit Hook?

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To set up a Python lint pre-commit hook, you can use the pre-commit library. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Install the pre-commit library by running the following command: pip install pre-commit
  2. Create a file named .pre-commit-config.yaml in the root directory of your project.
  3. Add the following contents to the file, replacing pylint with the name of the linter you want to use:
-   repo:
    rev: v3.4.0
    -   id: pylint

This configuration will use the pylint linter from the pre-commit-hooks repository.

  1. Run the following command to set up the pre-commit hook:
pre-commit install

This will install the pre-commit hook to run the linter before every commit.

  1. Test the pre-commit hook by making a change to a Python file in your project and attempting to commit it. The pre-commit hook should run automatically and check for linting errors.

If linting errors are found, the commit will be rejected. You can fix the errors and try to commit again.

Note that you can use any linter supported by the pre-commit library by changing the id parameter in the .pre-commit-config.yaml file. You can also customize the configuration to suit your specific needs. For more information, see the pre-commit documentation.

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