How to Sharpen an Image Using OpenCV and Python?

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In OpenCV and Python, you can sharpen an image using the filter2D function to apply a sharpening kernel to the image.

Here’s an example code that sharpens an image using OpenCV in Python:

import cv2
import numpy as np

# Load image
img = cv2.imread('image.jpg')

# Define sharpening kernel
kernel = np.array([[-1,-1,-1], [-1,9,-1], [-1,-1,-1]])

# Apply sharpening kernel
sharp_img = cv2.filter2D(img, -1, kernel)

# Display result
cv2.imshow('Sharpened Image', sharp_img)

In this example, we first load an image using the imread function from OpenCV.

Next, we define a sharpening kernel using a 3×3 numpy array. The kernel has a center value of 9 and surrounding values of -1, which emphasizes the edges in the image.

We then apply the sharpening kernel to the image using the filter2D function. The -1 argument specifies that the output image should have the same depth as the input image.

Finally, we display the sharpened image using the imshow function from OpenCV and wait for a keypress using waitKey(0).

Note that the filter2D function can also be used to apply other types of kernels for image processing, such as blurring or edge detection kernels.

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