How to Shutdown Your Computer Using Python?

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To shutdown your computer using Python, you can use the os module, which provides a way to execute system commands and interact with the operating system. Here’s an example of how to shutdown your computer in Python using the os module:

import os

# Shutdown the computer
os.system("shutdown /s /t 1")

In this example, the os.system() function is used to execute a system command that shuts down the computer. The argument to the function is a string that contains the command to be executed, which is "shutdown /s /t 1" in this case. This command uses the shutdown program in Windows to shut down the computer immediately (/s option) after a delay of 1 second (/t 1 option).

When you run this code, the program will execute the system command and shut down your computer immediately. Note that you can customize the command to include other options and parameters, such as a custom delay time, a message to be displayed before shutdown, and so on. Also, note that this code will only work on Windows, as the shutdown command is specific to the Windows operating system.

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