How to Solve a Circle Equation in Python?

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To solve a circle equation in Python, you can use the sympy library. Here’s an example of how to solve a circle equation in Python:

from sympy import symbols, Eq, solve

# Define the variables
x, y = symbols('x y')

# Define the circle equation
eq = Eq((x-2)**2 + (y+1)**2, 25)

# Solve the equation for y
y_solutions = solve(eq, y)

# Print the solutions
print("Solutions for y:")
for y_sol in y_solutions:

In this example, we first import the sympy library using from sympy import symbols, Eq, solve.

We define the variables x and y using x, y = symbols('x y').

We define the circle equation using (x-2)**2 + (y+1)**2 = 25, and use the Eq function to create an equation object.

We solve the equation for y using y_solutions = solve(eq, y). This function takes in the equation object and the variable to solve for, and returns a list of solutions.

Finally, we print the solutions for y using a for loop.

Note: You’ll need to modify the code to define your own circle equation.

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