How to Solve a Fun Problem in Python?

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There are many fun problems that you can solve using Python. Here’s an example of how to solve a fun problem using Python:

Problem: Write a program that takes in a sentence and randomly shuffles the letters of each word, while keeping the first and last letters in place. The result should be a scrambled version of the sentence that is still readable.


import random

def scramble_word(word):
    # If the word has less than 4 letters, return it unchanged
    if len(word) < 4:
        return word
    # Split the word into its first letter, middle letters, and last letter
    first, middle, last = word[0], word[1:-1], word[-1]
    # Shuffle the middle letters
    middle = ''.join(random.sample(middle, len(middle)))
    # Combine the shuffled word
    return first + middle + last

def scramble_sentence(sentence):
    # Split the sentence into words
    words = sentence.split()
    # Scramble each word and join them back into a sentence
    scrambled_words = [scramble_word(word) for word in words]
    scrambled_sentence = ' '.join(scrambled_words)
    return scrambled_sentence

# Test the function with a sample sentence
sentence = "This is a test sentence."
scrambled = scramble_sentence(sentence)
print("Original sentence:", sentence)
print("Scrambled sentence:", scrambled)

In this example, we define two functions scramble_word and scramble_sentence. The scramble_word function takes in a word and shuffles its middle letters while keeping the first and last letters in place. The scramble_sentence function takes in a sentence, splits it into words, scrambles each word using the scramble_word function, and joins them back into a sentence.

We test the function with a sample sentence “This is a test sentence.” and print both the original sentence and the scrambled sentence.

Note: This is just one example of a fun problem that you can solve using Python. You can come up with your own fun problems and solutions using Python!

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