How to Solve the PermCheck Problem in Python Using Codility?

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The PermCheck problem on Codility is a task that asks you to determine whether a given array is a permutation or not. Here is an example of how to solve this problem in Python using Codility:

def solution(A):
    n = len(A)
    count = [0] * n
    for num in A:
        if num > n:
            return 0
        if count[num-1] == 1:
            return 0
        count[num-1] = 1
    return 1 if sum(count) == n else 0

In this solution, we first create a list count of length n filled with zeroes, where n is the length of the input array A. We then iterate through A and check if each element is greater than n or if we have seen that element before. If either of these conditions is true, we return 0, indicating that the array is not a permutation.

If we have not seen the element before and it is a valid value, we set the corresponding element in count to 1. After iterating through A, we check if the sum of the values in count is equal to n. If it is, we return 1, indicating that the array is a permutation. If it is not, we return 0.

To use this function, simply call solution(A) with the appropriate input array A. The function will return 1 if A is a permutation and 0 if it is not.

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