How to Sort Alphabetically in a Python List?

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You can sort a Python list alphabetically using the built-in sort() method or the sorted() function. Here are examples of both methods:

Using the sort() method:

my_list = ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry', 'date']
print(my_list) # Output: ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry', 'date']

Using the sorted() function:

my_list = ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry', 'date']
sorted_list = sorted(my_list)
print(sorted_list) # Output: ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry', 'date']

Both methods will sort the list in alphabetical order. Note that if the list contains mixed data types, the sort() method will raise a TypeError. Therefore, it’s best to use the sorted() function if the list contains mixed data types.

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