How to Split a Column in an Exact Spot Using Python?

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To split a column in an exact spot using Python, you can use the pandas library to read in your dataset as a dataframe, then split the column using string methods and concatenation. Here’s an example:

import pandas as pd

# Read in the dataset as a dataframe
df = pd.read_csv('your_dataset.csv')

# Split the column at the desired index
index = 4
df['Column 1'] = df['Column 1'].apply(lambda x: x[:index] + '|' + x[index:])

# Print the resulting dataframe

In this example, we first use pd.read_csv() from the pandas library to read in the dataset as a dataframe. We assume that the column we want to split is named ‘Column 1’.

To split the column at a specific index (in this example, index 4), we use a lambda function and string concatenation. The apply() method applies the lambda function to each element of the ‘Column 1’ series.

The lambda function uses string slicing to split each string in ‘Column 1’ at the desired index, and then concatenates the two resulting substrings with a ‘|’ character. The resulting series is assigned back to ‘Column 1’ in the original dataframe.

Finally, we print the resulting dataframe using print(df). The output will be a dataframe with ‘Column 1’ split at the desired index.

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