How to Split a String in the Center in Python?

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To split a string in the center in Python, you can use string slicing and string length to determine the midpoint of the string, and then split the string into two parts. Here’s an example:

string = "Hello, World!"
midpoint = len(string) // 2
left_part = string[:midpoint]
right_part = string[midpoint:]

In this example, we start with a string that contains a greeting.

We use the len() function to determine the length of the string, and divide it by 2 using integer division (//) to find the midpoint of the string.

We use string slicing to extract the left part of the string up to the midpoint, and the right part of the string from the midpoint to the end.

We assign the resulting left and right parts to variables called left_part and right_part.

We print the resulting left_part and right_part strings to the console.

The output of this example would be:


Note that this is just a basic example of how to split a string in the center using Python. You can customize the code to suit your specific needs, such as working with strings of different lengths or splitting the string at a specific position rather than the midpoint. Additionally, keep in mind that this method assumes that the input string contains an even number of characters. If the input string contains an odd number of characters, the left part will be one character longer than the right part.

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