How to Use the IPython Core Display HTML Object?

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The IPython.core.display module in IPython provides a number of functions for displaying various types of content in the IPython notebook, including HTML. To display HTML using the IPython.core.display module, you can use the HTML class and pass it a string of HTML code.

Here’s an example:

from IPython.core.display import HTML

html = '<h1>Hello, world!</h1>'


In this example, we create a string of HTML code and store it in the html variable. Then, we use the display() function to display the HTML code by passing it to the HTML class.

You can use any valid HTML code in the string you pass to the HTML class. For example, you could include images, links, tables, and other HTML elements.

Note that some HTML elements may not be rendered correctly in the IPython notebook, depending on the browser you are using. Additionally, displaying complex HTML can slow down the rendering of your notebook.

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