How to Use the JavaScript Comment (Native) Function?

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JavaScript does not have a built-in comment function. However, you can add comments to your JavaScript code to help explain what the code is doing. Comments are ignored by the JavaScript interpreter and are not executed.

There are two types of comments in JavaScript: single-line comments and multi-line comments.

Single-line comments start with // and continue to the end of the line:

// This is a single-line comment

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */:

This is a
multi-line comment

You can use comments to add explanations and notes to your code, to temporarily disable sections of code, or to mark sections of code that need to be reviewed or revised.

Here’s an example of using comments in JavaScript:

// Declare a variable
let name = "John Doe";

  This is a multi-line

// Log the value of the variable

In this example, a single-line comment is used to explain the purpose of the first line of code, and a multi-line comment is used to add additional information to the code. The comments are ignored by the JavaScript interpreter and do not affect the execution of the code.

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