How to Use the Logical ‘AND NOT’ Operator in JavaScript?

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There is no direct “logical AND NOT” operator in JavaScript, but you can achieve the same result using the logical NOT operator (!) in combination with the logical AND operator (&&). The logical NOT operator negates a boolean expression, so it converts true to false, and false to true.

Here’s an example of how you could use the logical NOT operator to achieve the equivalent of a logical AND NOT:

let result = !expression1 && expression2;

Here, expression1 and expression2 are any valid JavaScript expressions that return a boolean value (true or false). The result variable will be assigned the value of expression2 if expression1 is false, and false otherwise.

For example:

let isValid = false;
let isSubmitted = true;
let submitButtonEnabled = !isValid && isSubmitted;

In this example, the submitButtonEnabled variable will be assigned the value false, because isValid is false. If isValid were true, the submitButtonEnabled variable would be assigned the value of false, because expression1 would be true, and the logical NOT operator would negate it to false.

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