How to Use the Property in JavaScript?

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In JavaScript, the style property of an HTML element can be used to access its inline styles, and change them if needed. If you want to modify the flex property of an element, you can use the following syntax: = value;

Where element is the HTML element you want to modify and value is the desired value for the flex property.

For example:

let lowValue = document.getElementById("myElement"); = "1";

In this example, we first retrieve a reference to the HTML element with an ID of myElement using document.getElementById(), and then set its flex property to 1.

Note that flex is a CSS property, not a JavaScript property. It is used to specify how an element should adjust its size within a flexible container. The value argument can be a number (representing a proportion of the available space), or one of the predefined keywords such as auto, initial, or none. The exact meaning of these values depends on the context in which the flex property is used.

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